Rajban Bihar Pagoda

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Rajban Bihar Pagoda,Rangamati

Rangamati,Rajban Bihar

Rajban Bihar Pagoda : Bangladesh is one of the beautiful country in south asia. There are many tourist spot in Bangladesh. Rangamati district is one of them. Rangamati district is the part of Chittagong Division. It is the biggest district of Bangladesh. Rangamati district has many wonderful place and many Hill. Rangamati is a famous tourist Place in Bangladesh. There are many tourist spot in Rangamati. Rajban Bihar Pagoda is one of them. It is a very ideal place especially for the Buddhist. It look like as a golden temple.It scenery is wonderful and attract everybody.Rajban Vihara called the spiritualist principal monk.Anybody choose lives here. An internationally known Buddhist Temple, where the spiritualist principal monk of Rajban Vihara, Shrimath Sadhana Nanda Mohasthabir (Ban Vante) lives. Rajban Bihar Pagoda situated in Rangamati. It is one of the most beautiful place of Rangamati . Every year many visitors are come to see it.

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