Kaptai National Park

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Kaptai national park, Rangamati

Rangamati,Kaptai National Park

Kaptai National Park : The Kaptai National Park is situated in Rangamati Hill District, which falls between the Karnaphuly and Kaptai Mountain Ranges. It was established in 1999 and its area is 5,464.78 hectares(13,498.0 Acres). Prior to declaration of the national park it was Sitapahar Reserve.The original Sitapahar Reserve area was 14,448.0 acres.Out of this an area of 100 acres have been dereserved for the establishment of the industrial estate at Kaptai.It is about 57 kilometer from Chittagong city.In this Park You can find plenty of old tree which were planted in 1873! This colossal plants and wild life of Kaptai National Park mystify the whole nature. There are a huge collection of plants in Kaptai National Park. You may feel a little bit nostalgic about your past in green village to the huge greenery of Kaptai National Park. In Kaptai National Park, there is a number of wild life like- Deer, Jungle cat, elephant, Monkey etc. Many species of Birds may also a matter of interest for the tourists and bird’s lovers. Kaptai National Park is a safe and sanctuary for birds and other wild life. Forest division founded picnic spot, restaurants in this Park. So, it will be a fascinating experience for you to visit Kaptai National Park.

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